Tax IRS Fresh Start Program and Tax Resolution Services 

If you have been contacted by the IRS or a state tax agency, odds are you have not filed tax returns or owe back taxes.  You may also be the subject of an IRS tax audit for many different reasons. Depending on your situation, the IRS or state tax agency may take immediate action to protect its interests, including filing a tax lien, levying bank accounts and garnishing wages.  

Stop IRS Enforcement and Take Action

Steiger Tax Law provides a full range of tax relief and resolution services to stop the IRS from taking these actions and get you back into compliance.  To avoid the stress and fear of IRS enforcement actions, Steiger Tax Law can provide you with audit defense or develop a plan using the IRS fresh start program options.  Steiger Tax Law provides a free consultation to help you understand your options to deal with unfiled tax returns, back taxes, notice of assessments, and more.  

If you have concerns about your tax status, whether it is unfiled returns or unpaid taxes, tax liens or notices, contact Steiger Tax Law today.  Understanding your situation is the first step towards reducing the stress and fear related to IRS enforcement, and getting on a path towards IRS tax relief.  Below is a listing of common Steiger Tax Law services to help taxpayers become compliant and resolve IRS tax debts.  If you do not see a category that applies to your situation, contact Steiger Tax Law to speak with Attorney Andrew Steiger to discuss your tax problem.

Free Consultation

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