Michigan Property Tax Appeals

Michigan property taxes are assessed based on the value and type of property.  Property subject to Michigan property taxes includes both personal and real property, and is assessed on different classes of property including residential, commercial, and agriculture among others.  The method for calculating the tax can be complicated and the procedures for filing an appeal, including the type of appeal, the location where an appeal is filed, the forms and evidence required can be complex and require a valuation expert in addition to legal representation.  
The most common source of property tax appeals is an appeal of the property's valuation, which is the tax base.  Taxpayers must first present their claim to their local Board of Review, which meets in March of each year.   The Board of Review hears the taxpayer's request for relief.  Missing the Board of Review meeting is significant because failing to do so generally prevents taxpayers from filing an appeal to the Michigan Tax Tribunal.  

Michigan Tax Appeals at the Michigan Tax Tribunal


Once at the Michigan Tax Tribunal, taxpayers present their evidence in support of their claim for a property tax reduction and the local assessor presents the city's claim to maintain the assessment.  The Michigan Tax Tribunal will make a determination based on the evidence, which generally requires a well-crafted case with sufficient evidence to overturn the assessor's value.  

Winning Your Michigan Property Tax Appeal


Successfully appealing an overburdened property by appealing your Michigan property taxes takes careful planning.  Property owners must understand the rules and the timeline for filing appeals, the information required at each stage of the appeal, and be prepared to negotiate the valuation of the property.  Purchasing a home for less than the SEV will not automatically reduce the property's taxable value.  Homeowners should not automatically accept the assessor's valuation but must also take into account the cost of litigation and the normal acceptable range for variations from true cash value and the time an appeal may be worth to a professional who helps taxpayers file appeals.
If you need assistance with a property tax appeal, contact Michigan tax attorney Andrew Steiger at Steiger Tax Law for a consultation to determine if you may have grounds for a successful property tax appeal.