A guardianship in Michigan provides for the protection of people who are unable to make certain decisions for themselves.  While different forms of ownership of assets or relationships may provide for the ability to care for people, like family relationships or joint financial accounts or trusts, there may be instances where an involuntary legal arrangement is required to provide proper care. A guardian may have the authority to determine where a person lives, the type of care they receive and other personal decisions. A guardian's role is limited by Michigan law.  For people who require a financial decision maker, a conservator is required.  

Who May Need A Guardian?

A guardian may be appropriate for a variety of types of clients.  Minors may require a guardian when neither parent is able to care for a child, or another custodian of a child cannot care for a child on a temporary basis.  A child or minor is a person who is under the legal age in Michigan of 18 years old.  A minor becomes legally able to make his or her own decisions at age 18, therefore may require a guardian even if capable of functioning prior to turning 18.  

Another person who may require a guardian is a developmentally disabled person.  The level of involvement of a guardian generally depends on the degree of impairment of the person represented.  An evaluation is generally performed to determine the extent of decision-making capacity, with the guardian managing the areas the protected person cannot managed.  The guardian has a role to evaluate the protected individual on a regular basis to determine if skill level is improving and the 

If you believe a guardianship may be necessary or appropriate to care for a family member or loved ones call attorney Andrew M. Steiger at Steiger Tax Law for a consultation to learn more about your options.  

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