Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.  How does Steiger Tax Law structure its fees?

Steiger Tax Law provides both fixed flat rate and hourly fee options depending on the type of engagement and the complexity of the work.  For common client matters, a fixed flat fee may be arranged and the fee and terms of the agreement are provided in writing prior to performing any work.  For a list of fees, see the fee chart below.  Clients typically pay all out of pocket costs including any filing fees.


2.  What is Steiger Tax Law's tax resolution engagement process?

When a client needing tax resolution services contacts Steiger Tax Law, attorney Andrew Steiger will personally speak with the client about their tax matter as well as any other relevant legal issue the client may be facing.  This consultation is free.  If follow up is necessary, attorney Andrew Steiger may follow up with the IRS to verify information and develop a plan to resolve the client's tax problem.  When an appropriate tax solution is determined, the client will be presented with a written engagement agreement clearly outlining the services to be provided and the fee.


This process is different from other tax relief providers like Optima Tax Relief where there is a large fee to do an initial inquiry.  In many cases, a tax relief company like Optima Tax Relief, should be able to provide a taxpayer with an initial assessment based on amounts and unfiled tax years.  Often times with the fee structure of Optima Tax Relief, the taxpayer has paid so much upfront that they feel pressure from lost initial consultation fees to continue with that tax provider even if the final fee is extremely high or excessive.  At Steiger Tax Law, I want clients to make an informed decision without feeling the pressure of stepped up fee structures or very short 15-day money back guarantees that put pressure on clients to move forward without evaluating all options.


Any representations about the work will also be clearly described in the written engagement agreement.  No add-on fees are assessed later after filing or to change a filing.


3. Who performs the work at Steiger Tax Law?


At Steiger Tax Law, attorney Andrew Steiger will personally work on your case and communicate with you regarding updates and requirements to resolve your case.  The case is not outsourced to other firms or to non-credentialed employees.  You will always know who is working on your case and who you can contact if you have questions.


4. Does Steiger Tax Law guarantee a tax resolution outcome?


Steiger Tax Law cannot guarantee a specific outcome for a tax resolution case - no firm can and you should be concerned if you hire someone who promises you an outcome.  Attorney Andrew Steiger stands by his work and will tell you the likelihood of a desired outcome.  While aggressive, Steiger Tax Law cannot guarantee any outcome.  This will be discussed and included in the engagement agreement.  Steiger Tax Law can guarantee that if your offer in compromise is not accepted, after appeals, an installment agreement will be prepared at no additional cost, and the cost to you will be the cost of the service actually provided and accepted by the IRS.  My fees and engagements are structured to maximize the benefit to clients, not the fees I charge and collect.  I will not provide services to clients that do not ultimately benefit clients.

5.  Where are you licensed to practice law?


Attorney Andrew Steiger is licensed to practice law in the state of Michigan for state law matters like family law, landlord-tenant, real estate, etc.  He can practice federal tax law and handle IRS tax problems in any state.  His bankruptcy practice is currently limited to residents and businesses located in the eastern district of Michigan.  Clients may be generally located all over the state of Michigan, including primarily Wayne, Macomb and Oakland counties.  If he cannot personally take your case due to the distance to a court, he would happily refer you to a competent local attorney who can assist you.

Attorney Fees


Tax Services

Unfiled Individual Tax Returns - $200

Installment Agreement - $800


Offer-in-Compromise - $2,000


Currently Not Collectible Status - $400


Levy Response - $500


Lien Review - $600

Wage Garnishment - $500

Bankruptcy Services

Basic Chapter 7 Filing - $469 (excludes filing fees and credit counseling costs; additional fees may apply)


Chapter 13 Filing - $2,500

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