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Steiger Tax Law is committed to helping individual and business clients reduce or eliminate tax liabilities through careful planning and resolution strategies.  Attorney Andrew Steiger represents clients with a wide variety of IRS and state tax problems.  If you are concerned about tax reporting or are the subject of an IRS audit, contact Steiger Tax Law.


In addition, Steiger Tax Law has expanded its service offerings to meet client demand for estate planning services, including wills, trusts, probate and business succession planning.  For clients with financial problems that are not limited to tax debts, including medical debt, education debt, and consumer debt, Steiger Tax Law can file your bankruptcy petition.  Attorney Andrew Steiger is knowledgeable in other areas of Michigan law and can counsel clients for successful legal outcomes.


Below is an overview of the categories of tax and legal services currently offered by Steiger Tax Law:

Tax Relief

Tax relief services include resolving tax debts through payment plans or debt reduction through an IRS fresh start program like an offer in compromise or installment agreement.  Stop enforcement actions like federal tax liens, levies, wage garnishment and tax seizures. Contact Steiger Tax Law and take control of your finances.  Read more on tax relief options below.

Estate Planning

Michigan estate planning services include drafting wills, trusts, power of attorney and other necessary documents to plan to take care of loved ones, including making medical decisions, retirement planning, business succession planning, family cottage planning, and tax planning to minimize costs as part of a comprehensive plan to achieve your estate goals.  


Individuals and businesses in financial distress and needing a fresh financial start should consider bankruptcy.  For consumers, review filing Chapter 7 vs Chapter 13.  For businesses, consider Chapter 7 vs Chapter 11 small business bankruptcy reorganization. Financial problems often lead to health, family and job problems if not resolved.  

Unfiled Tax Returns

Services include preparing and filing unfiled tax returns of all kinds, including federal and Michigan tax returns, individual, business, estate and gift tax, sales and use, payroll, and more.  Steiger Tax Law can file amended returns and late or unfiled returns, and help review options to challenge any penalties and assessments.

Tax Planning

Steiger Tax Law can help you or your business with tax planning to lower your annual tax bill.  Taxes covered include income, estate, gift, property and business taxes.  Don't miss out on deductions and credits.  Call for a consultation to discuss your tax planning needs and goals.

Family Law

Steiger Tax Law can help solve your family problems.  Attorney Andrew Steiger can help you file for divorce, prepare a pre-nup or post-nup to protect your assets, including business interests or inheritance, establish paternity, child custody, tax planning on QDROs for retirement accounts.  Contact Steiger Tax Law for a free consultation.


Offer in compromise

An Offer in Compromise provides taxpayers with the ability eliminate part or all of their tax debt if certain conditions are satisfied.  The IRS uses a formula as a starting point when considering offers that takes your sources of income and expenses into account, as well as your assets and related liabilities.  Taxpayers benefit from a tax advisor's ability to craft the information in a way that maximizes the chances of an offer being accepted by the IRS that also meets the taxpayer's needs for preserving assets and income to pay necessary expenses.

Installment Agreement

For taxpayers not meeting the criteria for an offer in compromise, an entering into an installment agreement allows taxpayers to stop bank levies and wage garnishment, while reducing penalties and controlling the amount paid to the IRS.  Taxpayers using this method must file financial reports with the IRS and typically pay the debt back over time.  Taxpayers will benefit from a tax attorney reviewing their tax history to determine if this course of action is best and if so, to structure the installment agreement in a way that meets the taxpayer's objectives.  

Currently Not Collectible Status

For taxpayers who cannot pay any amount of their tax debts without sacrificing payments for basic living expenses, the IRS can place the taxpayer in currently not collectible status.  Applying for currently not collectible (CNC) status will temporarily stop collection activities, but not the accumulation of interest and penalties.  CNC status may also be used as part of an overall plan to reduce existing tax debts over a period of time when other options are currently unavailable but may become available in the future.


For some taxpayers, who are struggling to pay other creditors in addition to the IRS, filing for bankruptcy may be necessary.  Tax liabilities receive special treatment under the U.S. bankruptcy laws and may not be eliminated as part of a bankruptcy filing.  If you have thought about bankruptcy and have tax debts, you should consult a tax attorney to determine if the tax debts may be eliminated in a bankruptcy filing.  If your primary debts are tax debts, a bankruptcy filing is likely not the best option given the other options available to taxpayers under U.S. tax law.


The IRS may file a lien against your real estate, personal property and financial accounts.  This may prevent you from purchasing or selling assets, obtaining loans, and could lead to the IRS seizing your assets.  Steiger Tax Law can negotiate with the IRS to stop a notice of lien filing and review your rights to release, withdrawal or discharge an IRS tax lien.


The IRS may levy your financial accounts including bank accounts, retirement accounts, social security payments and attempt to take other assets held by third parties.  Steiger Tax Law can negotiate with the IRS to stop levies and protect your assets and your ability to pay your bills and other debts.

TAX Penalties

Applicable IRS and state tax penalties are numerous and can grow quickly.  Penalties and interest may be as large as the original unpaid tax.  Steiger Tax Law can help you file for penalty relief as part of a comprehensive plan to reduce your total tax debt and help give you a fresh start.  


The IRS has the power to garnish your wages to pay off delinquent tax debts.  The wage reduction can be substantial and prevent you from paying for necessary living expenses and the notice to your employer may also  adversely impact your employment.  Steiger Tax Law can negotiate with the IRS to reduce or avoid the impact of wage garnishments.

Taxes for Expats, FBAR Reporting and FATCA Reporting

US international tax reporting can be complicated and have substantial penalties for taxpayers who do not timely file and report income and bank account information.  Services offered include:

  • US income tax reporting for individuals

  • Foreign income exclusion reporting

  • FBAR returns

  • FBAR penalties review and amnesty request

  • FATC returns

  • Corporate 5471s and penalty relief review

If you have questions or need help responding to an IRS audit or IRS notice, contact tax attorney Andrew Steiger at Steiger Tax Law for help.

Get Tax Help Now For US Expat Returns, FBAR and FATCA reporting

Michigan Estate Planning 

Successful estate planning in Michigan can have many different objectives and involve more than a plan to distribute property.  Some clients focus on protecting wealth from creditors.  Others may focus on protecting a family business and business succession planning.  High net worth clients generally require an estate tax analysis and specific planning methods to avoid the estate tax. 


Estate planning in Michigan can be a complicated undertaking that is unique to each client.  A Michigan estate planning attorney should do more than prepare papers that will end up in a drawer for many years.  Have a Michigan estate planning attorney sit down with you to review the amount and types property to distribute, family relations, the health of the client, the client's long-term retirement plan, possible charitable giving, privacy concerns, tax implications, specific needs of family members including children, necessary medical care, how heirs may share property, asset protection, and more.  An estate plan should evolve over time and be flexible to address many different scenarios and potential life changing events.


Estate planning is more than executing a simple will off the internet - a living trust, health directive, power of attorney, and other documents may be required to fulfill the client's goals.  Steiger Tax Law will listen to each client and develop a unique estate plan to accomplish the client's goals while also planning for unforeseen events that could cause the estate plan to fail to achieve those objectives.  Michigan estate planning attorney Andrew Steiger will work with you to design a plan that you will understand and be able to implement.  Mr. Steiger can also review an existing estate plan to suggest changes or confirm the plan continues to satisfy your current and future goals.


If you have Michigan estate planning or probate questions, reach out to Michigan estate planning attorney Andrew Steiger today at (248) 259-6367 or complete the contact form below.  Mr. Steiger will provide you with a free consultation to discuss your legal needs and objectives.  


Free Consultation

Contact Michigan Tax Attorney Andrew Steiger for free consultation to determine if he can help solve your tax or other legal problem.  Free consultation does not establish attorney-client relationship.  Information is confidential and protected by attorney-client privilege.

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Bankruptcy Law



Bankruptcy Legal Services

If you are facing financial hardship and are having difficulty paying your bills, including mortgage payments or rent, car payments, credit cards or other debt payments, then bankruptcy may be an option to take control of your finances. Individuals considering bankruptcy should carefully weigh their options including debt modification or forebearance if available. Consumers may file for a Chapter 7 "fresh start" bankruptcy or a Chapter 13 "wage earner" bankruptcy.  


Michigan attorney Andrew Steiger can help you consider your options and file your bankruptcy if you live in the Eastern District of Michigan.  Contact attorney Steiger for a free consultation to evaluate whether filing for bankruptcy makes sense for you and how to protect your property and future income.  Call him at (248) 259-6367 today and click on the link below for more information.

Family law matters have long lasting impacts and must be handled properly.  Court rulings, even if incorrect or temporary, frame future litigation and can place a high burden on a party seeking to change a result.  If you are contemplating a divorce, have a child custody or guardian dispute, need parenting time, or have another family law dispute, contact Michigan attorney Andrew Steiger for help.

Attorney Andrew Steiger is licensed to practice law in Michigan and currently represents family law clients in the metro Detroit area.  Call for a consultation to evaluate your case and discuss your legal options.  If you are contemplating taking action against your spouse or your child's other parent, take action to protect your rights.  If a spouse has filed a lawsuit against you, do not wait before it is too late to protect your rights. 

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Michigan Tax Attorney Andrew M. Steiger founded Steiger Tax Law in 2018 to provide the highest quality tax resolution, tax planning, estate planning and other legal services to clients.  He is skilled in many areas of tax law and estate planning.  Attorney Andrew M. Steiger is not a debt collector and works on behalf of clients to reduce tax debts.

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